Our Story

Founded in London by a trio of friends who bonded over the vision of a brand built on the principles of lasting fashion, timeless style & accessible luxury, Sundarbay is an understated yet refined embodiment of this intention.
With a name derived from Sanskrit language, Sundar is an adjective inferring attractiveness and beauty.

The paired back aesthetic that is reflective of the creative director’s style, means Sundarbay is designed for those in the know and for those who are as socially and style conscious.

The immediacy and intimacy of interaction with the brand’s social media audience plays an influence on the designs, enabling the Sundarbay woman to always be at the forefront of the collections.

Sundarbay is embracive of all seeking out effortless style through a curation of wardrobe staples that are not tied to a season or fashion calendar.

The pieces are released as they are perfected & designed to be a foundation of a minimal wardrobe for years to come.

From modern tailoring with statement features to elevated basics, the premium quality pieces can be worn everyday, across a base colour palette of always in style neutral hues.